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Meet Chef Kendall Curry: A Culinary Maestro

Chef Kendall Curry stands at the helm of Chef Curry To Go as its owner and executive chef, crafting a delightful twist on modern American comfort food. With a staggering 33 years of fine dining experience as a certified chef, Chef Curry is a culinary virtuoso renowned for his one-of-a-kind, signature dishes that tantalize the palate and comfort the soul.


As the eldest of three boys in a single-parent household, Chef Curry's culinary journey began early. At the age of 17, he honed his skills at the Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club before moving on to Sleepy Hollow. It was during his time at Sleepy Hollow that he crossed paths with Chef Nordeen Bennai, a pivotal moment that shaped his culinary career.


Chef Curry followed Chef Bennai, to Pepperoni Grill before joining Café 501 in Edmond. Even while at Café 501, his dedication to the craft found him lending a hand on the line at Boulevard Steakhouse. In the year 2000, he assumed the role of broiler chef at The Ranch Steakhouse, later taking a brief hiatus in 2005 to contribute to the opening of Rococo Restaurant and Fine Wine. Upon returning in 2006, his journey continued, climbing the ranks from sous chef to ultimately securing the position of executive chef at The Ranch Steakhouse.


In a pivotal move in 2015, Chef Curry left the Ranch to serve as the executive chef at West. However, the call of entrepreneurship came in December 2015, he seized the opportunity to become self-employed, realizing his dream with the establishment of Chef Curry To Go. 

Chef Kendall Curry's culinary expertise goes beyond crafting exceptional dishes; it embodies a profound passion for the culinary arts, an unwavering commitment to excellence, and a rich legacy of fine dining experience. Chef Curry To Go, where every bite narrates a story of dedication and culinary brilliance. Chef Kendall is passionate about sports. He is a devoted fan of OU and the OKC Thunder. His favorite NFL teams are the KC Chiefs (sharing his initials) and the Green Bay Packers. He also enjoys taking long walks with his miniature schnauzer.


Meet Carlisa Curry: Service & Events Maestro


In February 2018, driven by faith and inspired by her husband's profound love for the culinary arts, Carlisa embarked on a courageous journey. She transitioned from a thriving career in Human Resources to join her husband in the culinary industry.

In the world of Chef Curry To Go, Carlisa isn't just assisting the chef; she's the creative force working directly with customers to bring their event visions to life. As the smiling face behind events and customer service, Carlisa not only assists in the kitchen but also ensures that every interaction and occasion is infused with warmth, dedication, and a touch of her unique vision. Your event experience is in the hands of someone who not only crafts delightful dishes but also orchestrates seamless and memorable moments.

Carlisa's dedicated to creating memorable experiences. Her passion for organizing weddings and events is evident in every detail, from crafting exquisite menus that delight guests to ensuring exceptional service. Her commitment reflects not only a love for culinary artistry but also a profound dedication to providing outstanding service. Carlisa is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and a graduate of both Langston University and Oklahoma University. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Our Story: A Culinary Journey of Resilience and Success

In December 2015, Chef Kendall Curry embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, realizing his dream by founding Chef Curry To Go. The journey continued in 2016 when Chef Curry expanded his venture, opening Chef Curry To Go Restaurant at Grand and Western in OKC. The restaurant offered a delectable array of soups, sandwiches, pasta, burgers, occasional lunch specials, as well as meal prep and catering services.


In 2019, a change in building management prompted Chef Curry's strategic relocation to his current culinary kitchen. However, the following year brought unexpected challenges with the onset of Covid-19, leading to restaurant closures. Undeterred, Chef Curry and his wife navigated these trying times by shifting their focus to meal prep, delivering culinary meals directly to people's homes.


As circumstances shifted and restaurants gradually reopened, Chef and his wife decided to pivot from the traditional restaurant model to focus on meal prep and catering. This decision proved to be transformative, marking the beginning of their success in catering and meal prep services.


Beyond culinary endeavors, Chef Curry is deeply committed to giving back to the community. Actively contributing to various charities throughout Oklahoma City, donating private dinners for auction items and playing a vital role in the ongoing battle against hunger in Oklahoma City. Their commitment goes beyond the visible efforts, reaching deep into their compassion for organizations supporting the unsheltered and unhoused community. Our story is not just about food; it's a narrative of love, dedication, and compassion that resonates far beyond the dining table.

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