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About the Chef

Chef Kendall Curry is the owner/executive chef of Chef Curry To Go, serving a twist on modern American comfort food. Chef Curry is a trained certified chef with 33 years of fine dining experience. He prides himself on creating one-of-a-kind, signature dishes that tease the palate, and comforts the soul. His passion for the culinary arts led him to open Chef Curry To Go. 

As the oldest of three boys raised by a single parent, he was responsible for cooking while his mother worked nights. At 17, he worked at Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club from there he moved to Sleepy Hollow. While working at Sleepy Hollow Curry met chef Nordeen Bennai. He followed chef Bennai to Pepperoni Grill where he worked for 5 years until moving with Bennai to Café 501 in Edmond. While working at Café 501, he could often be found helping on the line at Boulevard Steakhouse.

In 2000, he took a position at The Ranch Steakhouse as the broiler chef. Leaving in 2005, to help open Rococo Restaurant and Fine Wine, then returning in 2006. Shortly after returning Curry decided to attend culinary school. Upon graduation he was promoted to sous chef. Eventually becoming executive chef at The Ranch Steakhouse.

In 2015, chef Curry left The Ranch to pursue a short stint as executive chef at West. In December 2015, he decided to become self-employed, opening Chef Curry To Go. 

In February 2018, after 20 years in Human Resources, his wife Carlisa stepped out on faith and joined her husband in the restaurant industry. In 2020, chef and his wife decided to close the restaurant to focus on catering, meal prep and private chef experiences.

This husband and wife duo have pushed the limits in the hospitality industry, striving to be the best at what they do. “We are passionate about our profession! Our meals are crafted with quality ingredients, fresh vegetables and tender loving care. We pride ourselves on consistency and excellence in the food and services we provide. Extraordinary food, exceptional service and wonderful guests is the key to our success."


Chef Kendall & Carlisa Curry

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