Want to Try it Out for a Month before Purchasing a Recurring Subscription or Prefer a Month to Month Plan. You can Purchase this Monthly Subscription. It Does Not Automatically Renew. Orders Due Friday by Midnight.

Meal Prep Subscription (Month to Month)

PriceFrom $312.00
  • You will receive a personalized code to use when ordering meals each week. Guarnteed meal prep selection. If a particular meal is sold out just email us at info@chefcurrytogo.com and we will add it to your order.  All meals will be ready during meal prep pick up/delivery on Monday. 


    40 Meals a Month $430 with Delivery $480  ($10.75 Per Meal)

    50 Meals a Month $515 with Delivery $565 ($10.30 Per Meal)

    60 Meals a Month $585 with Delivery $635 ($9.75 Per Meal)


    • Guaranteed meal selection (if a meal is out of stock email us and we will add it to your order)
    • Max of 4 fish options per week 
    • 1 quart of soup = 1 meal
    • 2 salads = 1 meal
    • 2 - 16 oz side options = 1 meal 
    • 1 family size 4 piece = 2 meals
    • Extra protein option added to any meal = 1 addition meal


    Excludes Lamb Chops

    Limited Subscriptions Available

  • Meal Prep Pick Up is on Monday between 4:00-6:00pm.


    Meal Prep Delivery is an additional cost purchased when placing your order. Click on the delivery truck to add delivery to your order. Deliveries will be made between 3:00 - 7:00 pm every Monday (must purchase a minimum of 4 meals).


    Delivery is available: OKC METRO, EDMOND & DOWNTOWN